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When you choose cosmetic dentistry treatment, you’re making an investment in your appearance, your oral health, and your self-image. To offset some of the costs of your investment, we are pleased to offer several different dental financing options for our La Jolla cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The exact nature of the dental financing we can offer you will depend on the specific circumstances of your treatment. Please call Jacob Russell, DDS, today at (858) 459-4113 to schedule your personal consultation. Dr. Russell welcomes patients in and around San Diego to our office in La Jolla.

Our Dental Financing Options

We are a fee-for-service office, but our dental practice does accept some insurance plans. Depending on your coverage and which treatment you get, you could save as much as a third of your bill.

We accept all major credit cards for our services. Other financing options that can help save you money on cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Extending payment into an installment plan over several months
  • 5% senior discounts
  • Discount for full upfront payment by check

During your initial consultation, our staff will meet with you to discuss financing and payment options after you and Dr. Russell discuss the changes you’d like to make to your smile. If you require extensive treatment and need to come back for a second meeting with Dr. Russell, the additional consultation will be included as part of the cost of treatment – you won’t be asked to pay a second consultation fee.

To find out how our options for helping you invest wisely in cosmetic dentistry, please contact Jacob Russell, DDS to schedule your initial appointment at our La Jolla office.