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Though everybody wants a full, healthy smile, the shine should come from your teeth – not metal restorations. San Diego cosmetic dentist Dr. Jacob Russell uses the most advanced technology and materials to create durable, visually appealing white dental fillings and other restorations that maintain a natural appearance.

More and more patients want white fillings so they won’t have to have a “metal mouth.” To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments, please call Jacob Russell, DDS, today at (858) 459-4113. Dr. Russell welcomes patients throughout the San Diego area.

What Are White Fillings?bigstockphoto_Visit_At_The_Dentist_931397

White or composite fillings are made from the same material used for dental bonding. The resin used for both procedures is designed to strengthen and support teeth while being more cosmetically pleasing than older metal restorations.

Regardless of the material, fillings are designed to correct problems like:

  • Stained teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Teeth damaged by decay

In the past, the only option for restoring a tooth was a filling made from gold or metal amalgam. Though metal fillings are durable, they also leave an unnatural dark spot in your smile. Tooth colored fillings are a modern solution that fulfills the same purpose as earlier fillings in a shade that fits your smile.

Dental Fillings Procedure

Dr. Russell can complete your white filling in just one office visit. After applying local anesthetic, he will clear away bacteria, dead tissue, and other debris before preparing the tooth for the filling.

Once the resin is in place, Dr. Russell will adjust the material so it comfortably fits your tooth and looks natural. He will also polish the filling so it augments the color of your smile.

A key advantage of the composite material used in tooth colored fillings is that less of the natural tooth is removed than the preparation for metal fillings requires. Other benefits include:

  • White fillings bond at the chemical level with teeth, providing more structural stability than metal
  • Durability to withstand bite forces
  • Natural, customized appearance – Dr. Russell will match your white filling to the shade of your natural teeth

Some patients want to keep the white aesthetic but need a filling made from stronger material. If you need a sturdier restoration, Dr. Russell might recommend a dental porcelain filling.

Dental Filling FAQs

What are dental fillings for?

Dental fillings are designed for teeth damaged by decay, as well as cracked, broken, worn and stained teeth. Not only do fillings restore natural appearance to the teeth, they also prevent further decay.

What are dental fillings made of?

Traditional dental fillings were made from gold or metal materials and were noticeable in the mouth. For a more aesthetically pleasing result, Dr. Russell uses white fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings. They are made from composite resin or plastic materials and closely mimic the color and surface texture of natural teeth.

Dr. Russell can replace traditional metal or gold fillings with white fillings, if desired.

Does it hurt to have a filling placed?

It does not hurt to have a filling placed, but it can be uncomfortable. Local anesthesia is used for complete patient comfort.

How long will a dental filling last?

A dental filling can last for 10 or more years with the proper oral hygiene and regular check-ups from a dentist.

How much do dental fillings cost?

The cost of a dental filling depends on the materials used and the number of tooth surfaces that require fillings. Dental insurance plans may offer coverage; check with your specific plan and provider for details.

To learn more about white fillings and other cosmetic dentistry services, please contact Jacob Russell, DDS, or call (858) 459-4113 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Russell welcomes patients throughout the San Diego area to visit us in La Jolla.