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La Jolla Pediatric Dentistry Models

Our La Jolla dentist, Dr. Jacob Russell, recommends that you bring your child in for their first visit by age 3. Typically, children should have their first dental visit once they form their first tooth, but no later than the age of 3. This appointment is very important because Dr. Russell wants to ensure that your children have a positive experience at their first dental appointment. It is important to Dr. Russell and his La Jolla dentistry team that they create a comforting atmosphere for your children at this visit and those to follow.

This impression will extend to every dental visit they ever have, so Dr. Russell makes sure they are as comfortable as possible.

If you’d like to discuss your child’s first pediatric dental visit with Dr. Russell, please contact our La Jolla dental office today by calling (858) 459-4113.

Why Pediatric Dentistry in La Jolla Is Important

While it may seem unimportant because your child will eventually lose all of their “baby teeth,” pediatric dentistry sets the tone for your child’s dental health that will extend throughout their entire life. If a child has a cavity in their baby teeth, there is a possibility that it will affect their chewing or even turn into an abscess which can become severely infected. Severe infections can even affect how a child’s permanent teeth develop and come in, so properly caring for and treating baby teeth is essential for your child’s overall health.

Our dentist has decades of experience and knows how to develop a rapport with children in order to make visiting the dentist fun and enjoyable and never something to fear.

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

By practicing good oral hygiene at home and passing those positive habits on to your child, you can help your little one avoid major dental pain and health problems. In many cases an early emphasis on preventative care results not only in healthy dental development but also in outstanding oral health into adult life.

Should you need additional help from experienced, compassionate family dentistry professionals, please contact Jacob Russell, DDS to set up an appointment. Dr. Russell is pleased to see patients of all ages from La Jolla and all surrounding San Diego area.