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Just as with other medical fields, lasers are being incorporated into the best dental practices to help dentists diagnose and treat oral health issues. In our office, our La Jolla general dentist, Dr. Jacob Russell, utilizes laser dentistry technology to help with diagnoses, cosmetic dentistry, and to treat gum disease.

If you’d like to discuss how laser dentistry and how it may benefit you and your family, please contact our dental office today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at (858) 459-4113.

Laser Dentistry Uses

In our La Jolla dental office, Dr. Russell utilizes two different types of lasers for treating our patients. The first type of laser is used to treat gums and can be used in two different ways. This laser can be used for the following:

  • Gum scaling and root planinggum disease may become evident because you have pain in your gums, bleeding, or loose teeth because your gums may be pulling away from your teeth. If this occurs, you may have periodontitis which is a very serious condition that can affect nearly every system in your body if it’s left untreated. Dr. Russell utilizes the power of a laser to penetrate deep into your gum tissue and the tissues and roots underneath your teeth to thoroughly treat and clean them to remedy your gum disease.
  • Gum recontouring — if you believe that your gum-to-tooth ratio is too high and you have a smile that is too “gummy,” our La Jolla dentist can use his laser to scale back your gum tissue so the ratio is a perfect balance of teeth-to-gums.

In addition to utilizing lasers to contour and heal your gums, our dentist also uses the DIAGNOdent laser. The DIAGNOdent laser is a highly-advanced laser system that allows our dentist to check your mouth for bacteria that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. By using this laser, Dr. Russell can identify areas of your mouth that may have excessive amounts of bacteria. Then, he can prescribe the proper general dentistry techniques to clean and heal this area and to keep it from developing bacteria again.

By using the DIAGNOdent laser, Dr. Russell can also identify problems within your mouth before they become advanced problems. This means treatments can be less-invasive and less costly as they can be more preventative.

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If you believe that you need to have your gums examined or simply would like to come into our La Jolla dental office for a basic dental cleaning appointment, please contact us today by calling (858) 459-4113. Our dentist will take the time to thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and overall oral hygiene. After that, he can determine if any laser treatments may be helpful for your mouth’s health or aesthetic appearance. You can place your trust in our dentist as he has been helping La Jolla and San Diego patients for decades. Contact us today!