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Is your smile missing something? Are you finding it difficult to speak, eat, or perform other common tasks? Though the field of general dentistry has always been devoted to preserving the health and structure of teeth, Dr. Jacob Russell strives to provide San Diego patients with tooth repair and replacement options that restore function and enhance natural beauty.

To discuss our tooth repair and replacement services, please call Jacob Russell, DDS, at (858) 459-4113 today. Dr. Russell provides a range of restoration treatments to patients living in and around San Diego.

Tooth Restoration Choices

If you suffer injury to the mouth that damages one or more teeth, get emergency dental treatment immediately. Dr. Russell is available outside of normal office hours to help those in need, and you don’t even have to have visited our office before.

Once the initial injury is treated, you might need a custom restoration to repair your tooth. The best solution will depend on the nature and extent of damage. Dr. Russell provides:

If you’ve undergone tooth replacement with dental implants due to previous injury or disease, Dr. Russell can create a custom crown to complete the restoration.

Importance of Tooth Repair and Replacement

Some patients go years without restoring a damaged or lost tooth, thinking the cost is prohibitive or the issue a purely cosmetic one. However, an incomplete smile isn’t always just an aesthetic problem – teeth that aren’t replaced or repaired can lead to:

  • Limited strength and stability
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Uneven tooth surfaces where bacteria might hide
  • Teeth shifting position in the mouth
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • Imbalance of the bite, potentially leading to jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms

A perfect smile has both physical and emotional benefits. For this reason, all of our restorations are designed to look and feel as natural as possible. Reasons Dr. Russell is able to provide the dedicated tooth repair and replacement services our patients deserve include:

  • Lifelike materials like dental porcelain can be fabricated to match the appearance and feel of real enamel
  • Dr. Russell uses advanced technology to measure, form, and perfect custom restorations that seamlessly match your smile
  • Nearly 40 years of experience and ongoing training give Dr. Russell the ability to personalize treatment

If you have a dental emergency, please call (858) 459-4113 immediately. To schedule a consultation to learn more about our dental restoration services, please contact Jacob Russell, DDS. Dr. Russell provides tooth repair, replacement, and other smile enhancement treatments to patients throughout the San Diego area.